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How do I know what kind of tail extension my horse will need?

The All Purpose Tail Extension can be used for any horse that has sufficient hair at the top third of the tail. The hair will help to hide in the extension and blend in naturally. The Hunter/Jumper Tail Extension is often used for horses that have sparse hair on the top third of the tail. Dressage, hunters, or jumpers like the versatility of the H/J Tail Extension. The H/J Tail Extension can either be braided or left alone to hang naturally. Some breeds, like the Appaloosa, benefit from the H/J Tail Extension, because it hides in so easily.

Should I get a layered tail extension or all one length?

Take a look at your horses tail. If the tail is all one length then this is the style you are needing. If your horse has some layers to it then a layered tail may look more natural. This is usually a personal preference but if you are unsure you can email us a picture or give us a call.

Most tail extensions are sold by weight. How do I know which one is the best for my horse?

If your horse is a POA or a small horse the 3/4 to 1 pound weight would likely be your best choice. You don't want to over power a small horse with a big tail. We suggest going to an all around weight of 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds for people with taller horses that compete in classes such as Western Pleasure, Halter, Hunter Under Saddle. Sometimes a heavier tail, such as the 1 3/4 to 2 pound tails, are used to help weigh the original tail down so the horse doesn't have a high tail carriage when performing reining or dressage maneuvers. If you are unsure of a weight and have pictures of your horse, we can help you out over the internet.

How do I make sure I get the right color match for my horses tail?

Sending a sample from your horses tail is the best way to get a good color match. If your horse has a black tail we don't need a sample, but make sure that you let us know if the tail extension is black all the way through, black with red highlights, black with brown highlights, or black with a bit of white or grey. If you are wanting a tail that is all one color, only one sample will be needed. For a tail that has many colors going through it, a sample from the front, middle and back are needed to get a good match. The samples don't have to be large but enough that we can see what we need to match. About the half the size of a pencil works the best. Once you have the samples you can secure them with tape or elastics. Please label them front, middle, and back. Let us know that the samples are being mailed by either calling or emailing so we can watch for them . If you can send pictures either by emailing or when mailing the samples, they are a great help in seeing the colors and how the colors flow. A picture from straight on from the back and one from the side are the best. One of the entire horse is also nice too so we know what the overall horse looks like.

How do I determine the length my horse needs for an extension?

Measure about a third of the way down the tail bone to where you want the extension to end, usually the fetlocks. The tail extension can be moved up or down by a few inches. The extension can also be trimmed once you have it in place. Once you have the tail extension we suggest you practice putting it in before a show. Our tail exensions are fast and easy to put in and by doing a practice run you will be able to tell where you want it positioned and if it needs to be trimmed so your horse won't step on it.

Can the tail extension be left in overnight?

We recommend that the extension be taken out at night so it doesn't get rubbed or stepped on. Our extensions are very easy to put in and take out so when it comes to the next day of showing you will have peace of mind knowing that you have followed the instuctions and don't have a tail lying in the stall.

Can the tail extension be washed?

Yes, the extension can be washed but avoid completely submerging the tail in water. Doing so might trap moisture and loosen the glue. Air dry the tail or use a hair dryer on the low setting and gently fluff with you fingers. When the tail is not in use, store in a tail storage bag and it will be ready for the next show.

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