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JR Nick Shoemaker
JR Nick Shoemaker
JR Nick SHoemaker with trainer, Sheri Bresee
Year: 2001
Breed: AQHA
Reg. # 4149612
Color: Palomino
Sex: Stallion
Height: 16.0
Weight: 1300
Disciplines: Dressage, English Pleasure, Hunter
Standing At: Niobe Valley Ranches, Innisfail, AB, Canada.
Shipped Semen? Yes
Frozen Semen? Yes
AI? Yes
Hand Cover? No
Pasture Breeding? No
LFG? Yes
Chute Fee: $0.00
Mare Care Wet: $12.00/ day
Mare Care Dry: $10.00 / day
Booking Fee: $0.00
Breeding Fee: $1,000.00
Shipping: $0.00
JR Nick Shoemaker
JR Nick Shoemaker - profile photo
JR Nick Shoemaker
JR Nick Shoemaker
Nicky, big winner at Parkland Dressage Festival
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Breed: AQHA
Performance Record: After just one year of showing in Dressage, `Nicky` has won many awards, and obtained a high score of 73.46 % from an Olympic Level judge!! He has consistently scored in the high sixties...Please see his videos on our website:

JR Nick Shoemaker, aka 'Nicky' has built himself a reputation at the barns he has been at as the blonde gentleman. He gets quite a fan club due to his lovable, gentle disposition. He is 100% Hank Wiescamps breeding, and about the only discipline that Hank Wiescamp didnt dabble in was dressage, and now that AQHA has adopted the sport,***Please see 'about us' on our website, regarding the necessary qualifications for doing dressage for AQHA awards!**** Nicky will put the master breeder, Hank Wiescamp back on the top breeder list! Nicky is a brother to Ringo Stringo Star, also raised here at Niobe Valley Ranches, and Ringo has allready achieved his Level II in dressage! Quite an accomplishment for a quarter horse!  JR Nick Shoemaker, ended the 2006 show season, at the Provincial show (PARKLAND DRESSAGE FESTIVAL) by winning the High Score Quarter Horse, and also was named the Western Region Open Training Level Champion!   Nicky has the beautiful palomino color of his namesake, Nick Shoemaker, the cornerstone of Hank Wiescamps breeding program. Nicky goes back to Nick Shoemaker 14 times ! If you are looking to get into dressage with a quarter horse, consider the offspring of JR NICK SHOEMAKER!!   ****we have just had Nicky to Dr. Wayne Burwash, and now have semen frozen.  Check out his foal crops on our website :  We offer dressage quarter horse prospects  by Nicky for sale.

All shipping and Chute fees would be what Burwash Equine Clinic would charge, as that is where the frozen semen is.

Contact: Deb Johnson, Deborah D.F. Johnson- Niobe Valley Ranches
Location: Innisfail, AB, Canada. Phone: 403-896-8207
Viewed (10115) times since 3/29/2006
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