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Rebels Advantage
Rebels Advantage
Year: 2005
Breed: AQHA
Reg. # 4766697/899,256
Color: Chestnut Overo
Sex: Stallion
Height: 15.1
Weight: 1050
Disciplines: Barrel Racing, Cutting, English Pleasure, Halter, Hunter, Jumping, Racing, Reining, Team Penning, Trail Horse, Western Pleasure
Standing At: no ranch specified, Burmis, AB, Candada.
Shipped Semen? Yes
Frozen Semen? No
AI? Yes
Hand Cover? No
Pasture Breeding? No
LFG? Yes
Chute Fee: $150.00
Mare Care Wet: $0.00/ day
Mare Care Dry: $0.00 / day
Booking Fee: $0.00
Breeding Fee: $500.00
Shipping: $0.00
Rebels Advantage
Rebels Advantage
Rebels Advantage
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Rebel is an AQHA/APHA registered stallion. He has great confirmation with a deep chest, short back, and big butt , complimented by a beautiful head with big kind eyes.

We have been raising and riding his maternal side for close to 30 years now. We owned Advantiv since he was a yearling and Jinx Girl since she was a 2 year old. They consistently raised gorgeous, versatile, people loving horses. They were literally born broke.

I met Scoot Bootin Boogie as a 2 year old, and chose him for his temperament and good looks to compliment our line. Rebel is the result of that cross. He is everything I expected and more.

I have started Rebel slowly yet he has been exposed to many different things already. All of which he has handled like an old broke horse. We have brought in cows from the mountains, trail rode with lots of other mares and geldings, been to horse shows, clinics, gymkhanas and plenty of solo rides.

Rebel is very athletic and has done everything asked of him willingly and with enthusiasm. He has quickly become my favorite ride. I am planning more shows and competitions this year.

We are expecting his first foals spring 2009. His double registration opens more doors for his foals. Use him now at this introductory rate. Shipped semen only.  HYPP N/N.

Contact: Jocelyn Olsen
Location: Bellevue, AB, Canada. Phone: 403-628-3232
Viewed (4398) times since 1/22/2009
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