These are the most of the mares that currently make up the Bar 5S broodmare band.  As you can see Bar5S has worked hard on keeping bloodlines close up and it pays off.  All these girls are consistent producers . If you would like more info on these mares please give us a call.

Play Alana

May 3, 1997   Quarter Horse   Palamino   Mare   15.1 HH    1100 lbs 

      This own daughter of Classy Little Lena , by a daughter of Freckles Playboy is an example of the newer style cowhorse that we will be crossing with the Hancocks.  Bred to win all over her pedigree and her babies are easy to work with.

Classy Little Lena Smart Little Lena Doc Olena
Smart Peppy
Sugs Gay Lady Docs Sug
Gay Bar Lady
Playboys Golden Girl Freckles Playboy Jewel's Leo Bars
Gay Jay
Dorthy Jet Royal Joe Jet
Catahoula Easter

TUF Cotton Hancock

May 4, 2001   Quarter Horse   Dun   Mare   15.3 HH    1300 lbs 

     "Cotton" came to us from TUF Hancock Horses in Prince George, B.C from Fred and Deb Tuftin.  This mare is new to our program and we look forward to her foals.

War Conchos Drifter War Concho War Chief
Brown Beulah
Speedy Beth Driftwood Ike
Squeeky Beth
Diamonds N Lace Poco Dillon Shook Christies King
Poco Darlin Shook
Newts Croton Oil Newt's Dollar
Lynn Brown

DD Peachy Roan

May 24, 2007   Quarter Horse   Bay roan   Mare   14.3 HH    1000 lbs  

       This mare comes to us from Dan Dudden in Colorado.  She is easy to look at with a sharp head and good build.  This mare will give you some fancy headed, well built foal, with excellent dispositions.

Crowheart Roan Leo Hancock Hayes Blue Valentine
Doll 01
Taruers Pepita Mr Roan Hancock
Dee Reed Roan
DD Peachy Hancock Mucha Hancock Rowdy Blue Man
Mucha Zorrita
WT Ladys Blues Beard Blue's Beard
Miss Hancock Polly

Brackets Valentine

June 5, 2007   Quarter Horse   Red Roan   Mare   15 HH    950 lbs 

     This is another good mare from Bracket D and Dan Dudden in Colorado.  This red roan mare has all the ingredients to make a good foal.  She is quiet, put together well, and is bred to work.  With horses such as Blue Valentine, Leo Hancock Hayes, Blue Apache Hancock, and the great mare Heather Dividend in her background she will be a producer.

Brackets Blue Apache Blue Apache Hancock Hancocks Blue Boy
Tigeress Bar Leo
Ms Saucy Hancock Leo Hancock Hayes
Saucy Sport
Reba Valentine Blues Dividend Blue Valentine
Heather Dividend
Wasp Badger Melville 58
Pet Wasp

Smokin Foxy Chic

April 24, 2006   Quarter Horse   Bay roan   Mare   14.3 HH    1050 lbs 

      A great little bay roan mare out of the Mr Gun Smoke grandson and a Smart Chic Olena mare we had leased.  This cowy mare is an excellent mover and will be a good cross to give us that blend of old and new blood.

Sailin Smoke De Hickory Smoke Mr Gun Smoke
Miss Spanish Fleet
Ms Stop N Go Topsail Cody
Ms Paprika Star
Foolish Foxy Chic Chics Red Fox Smart Chic Olena
Happy Foxy Lady
Jae Bar Deelynn Jae Bar Baretta
Jae Bar Linda

Smoke De Spark

June 8, 1999   Quarter Horse   Buckskin   Mare   15 HH    1150 lbs 

       A nice buckskin mare that came to us from Nebraska.  Her pedigree speaks volumes for this mare, a grandaughter of Mr Gun Smoke with that Ben Mark breeding on the bottom.  Throws buckskins and bays and are all well built cowhorses.

De Hickory Smoke Mr Gun Smoke Rondo Leo
Kansas Cindy
Miss Spanish Fleet Spanish Clipper
Miss Royal Fleet
Hy Skirted Cowgirl Sparky Ben Ben Mark
Brown Skirt
My Spanish Cowgirl Hy Jule's Sandy
Spanish Cowgirl

Thumb The Cash

June 11, 2002   Quarter Horse   Sorrel   Mare   15 HH    1150 lbs 

      A nice sorrel daughter of our Doc's Tom Thumb mare and a ton of run on the top side.  A fairly modest mare that outproduces herself everytime.  Great foals that will do well in any discipline.  This mare throws back to all the great horses on her pedigree.

Bad Heart Cash Whos Bad On A High
Go Fancy Lady
Bubble Gum Kid Easy Jet
Kiddie Bubbles TB
San Bar Thumb Doc's Tom Thumb Doc Bar
Jameen Tivio
San Bar Peppy Peppy San
Bitsy Gay Bar

Pocos Last Peep

May 8, 2002   Quarter Horse   Sorrel   Mare   14.3 HH    1250 lbs 

     A mare you have to see to believe.   A typical old fashioned Quarter Horse, short, big bone, and deep.  This mare is like a truck and passes that on to her foals.  Bred in Alberta, we are lucky to have a mare with that Poco Bueno blood that produces.

CE Pocos Last Chance Pocos Ojos Grande Poco Bueno
Wimpy's Ojos
Sonita Bo Gal Sonita's Last
Leo Bo San
Centennial Peep Centennial Page Pana Page
Classy Angelita
Po Peep Corky's Pokey
Queen By Wilsonhorse

Chics Spanish Spark

May 6, 2005   Quarter Horse   Buckskin   Mare   15 HH    1150 lbs  

     A daughter of the Smart Chic Olena stallion and of our good Smoke De Spark mare. This mare is the spitting image of her dam, just different shades of buckskin.  Just started breeding this mare and have high hopes for her in the future.

Chics Red Fox Smart Chic Olena Smart Little Lena
Gay Sugar Chic
Happy Foxy Lady Happy's Cardinal
Dry Creek Windy
Smoke De Spark De Hickory Smoke Mr Gun Smoke
Miss Spanish Fleet
Hy Skirted Cowgirl Sparky Ben
My Spanish Cowgirl

Check MyId Bartender

May 31, 2005   Quarter Horse   Bay roan   Mare   15 HH    1200 lbs  

      We were very lucky to get this mare as part of our broodmare program.  Out of a great Two Eyed Jack son and grandson with that solid Ben Mark breeding on the bottom.   This mare has just started to produce and does not disapoint.  This is a mare that will give consistent using horses every time.

Bartenders Las Blast Two Id Bartender Two Eyed Jack
Prissy Joann
Krogs Starlet Douglas Don
Peponita Starlet
Hy Skirted Cowgirl Sparky Ben Ben Mark
Brown Skirt
My Spanish Cowgirl Hy Jule's Sandy
Spanish Cowgirl

Crowheart Bay Ella

April 28, 2006   Quarter Horse   Bay roan   Mare   16 HH    1300 lbs 

     A big mare that we got from WYO Hancock Horses, Jerry Jeppson, out of Crowheart, Wyoming.  A half sister to our blue roan Wyo Apache Hawk stud, she carries the size true to the Blue Apache Hancock horses.   As a young horse this mare is huge, put together well with long legs and good withers.  We are looking forward to this mare's foals.

Blue Apache Hancock Hancocks Blue Boy Mr Roan Hancock
Bluebird Hancock
Tigress Bar Leo Tiger Bars Chunk
Leo's Patron
Hancock Ella Hancock Duplicate Lowry Boy 36
Seminole Lucy
Ms Bay Hancock 3 Lowry Hancock JR
Bay Ella

Chics Aglo

April 7, 2001   Quarter Horse   Red Roan   Mare   14.3 HH    1000 lbs  

      A grandaughter of Smart Chic Olena and out of the good Tiger Leo horse on the bottom.  This mare is just starting to hit her stride as a mother and has proven to be a good cross for the bigger stallions.

Chics Red Fox Smart Chic Olena Smart Little Lena
Gay Sugar Chic
Happy Foxy Lady Happy's Cardinal
Dry Creek Windy
Ride A Glo Docs Super Glo Docs Superstar Bar
Sierra Bunny
Tiger Criada Tiger Leo
Millcamp Criada