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  We currently stand one buckskin stallion.

   "Eyem Still Smokin" a 2007 buckskin stallion, color tested to produce buckskin 50% of the time.  This stallion is producing pro quality offspring that work as pretty as they look!

 "Mr Amarillo Chex" REFERENCE SIRE, a 2000 palomino stallion with close up "Bueno Chex" and "Major Bonanza" breeding.  

   "Two Eyed Bay Buck" REFERENCE SIRE, comes from the great breeding program at the legendary Pitzer Ranch in Nebraska.  Some offspring still for sale.

  "Doctor Fiddle"  REFERENCE SIRE.  Fiddle was a great sire and a great horse and we still have some of his offspring.  We wish we could have had him from the beginning.  You are treated to some very old, tried and true working genetics with this stallion and we were proud to have owned him.


Eyem Still Smokin

2007   AQHA   (4988515)   Buckskin   Stallion   15hh    1250lb 
Eyem Still Smokin
Halter Horse
Eyem Still Smokin
Sire - Ill Smoke Ya
Eyem Still Smokin
Eyem Still Smokin
Working Cow Horse
Eyem Still Smokin
Eyem Still Smokin
Trail Horse
Eyem Still Smokin
Working Cow Horse
Eyem Still Smokin
Working Cow Horse
Eyem Still Smokin
Eyem Still Smokin
Rope Horse
Eyem Still Smokin
Working Cow Horse
Eyem Still Smokin
Rope Horse
Eyem Still Smokin
Eyem Still Smokin

ARHVA Money Earner

Team Roping Money Earner

This stallion IS CONSISTENTLY producing offspring that are pro program quality!! He has SEVERAL offspring now in top rope/performance programs in Canada and the US.

Bring versatility back to the horse industry! Easily one of the best looking and producing buckskin stallions on the market! And to top it off, still being used! Look for him at major roping events, you’ll see him in the head box! You’ll see just how quiet, well  behaved, talented and beautiful he really is! You’d be crazy not to want one just like him!

This is a beautiful stallion, his disposition is second to none.  Very easy to handle and breed with, absolutely NOTHING difficult about him.  Genetic color tested:  Red/Black Factor is EE (Homoozygous for black, black based), Agouti is AA (Homozygous), Cream Gene is nCr (heterozygous single dilute).  What this means:  He will always produce a black based coat (black points) no matter what the mare color he will never produce a chestnut, sorrel or cremello and WILL produce a buckskin 50% of the time.  

This stallion is the whole package, beautiful baby doll head, huge hip, superior confirmation, an awsome disposition and of course, color.  You have a checklist when you go to look a possible sire to breed your mare to and this stallion will pass all the tests.  He's able to do anything because he's built right.  Rope, rein, english, western, it won't matter.

Breeding fee by Private Treaty

I'll Smoke Ya
AQHA Champion, ROM Halter, ROM Perf, Supreme Halter
Mia Red Baron Mr Baron Red
1983 Superhorse, NRHA $3431, AQHA Chmp, Sup Perf, ROM Perf, Res World Chmp
Easter's Mia
Perf ROM, 14 Reining pts
Mia Cherokee Lady Smokeys Gray
Superior Halter - 65 pts, Perf ROM, Superior West Pleasure - 94 pts, World Show Heeling
Mia Cherokee
Miss Foxy Laney Trigger Bar Wimpy Wimpy Eyed Fox
Sue Jacky Bars
Miss Leo Meier Albert's Leo Jack
Miss Meier McCue

Eyem The Trigger Man

2018   AQHA   (5900171)   Dun   Stallion   
Eyem The Trigger Man
Eyem The Trigger Man

”TANNER” is this years product of that great cross! This might be the nicest one yet! Absolutely gorgeous head and such awesome conformation this colt can’t help but turn heads wherever he’ll go!

We’ve got some plans for this boy so he is NOT for sale for the foreseeable future! 

Eyem Still Smokin Ill Smoke Ya Mia Red Baron
Mia Cherokee Lady
Miss Foxy Laney Trigger Bar Wimpy
Miss Leo Meier
Badges Sugar Kisses Poco Anne�s Peppy Peppy Canelo
Poco Fancy Anne
Poco Ojos Pat Poco Ojos Grande
Dots Poco Patty

Mr Amarillo Chex

2000   AQHA   (3918984)   Palomino   Stallion   14.3hh    1100lbs  SOLD
Mr Amarillo Chex
Aug 2011
Mr Amarillo Chex


Imp Chex
Show career cut short by an accident, Full brother to Bueno Chex Imp, World Champion
Bueno Chex
AQHA Champion, Arena ROM,NCHA COA, $680 LTE, 100%Foundation, SIRE OF: AQHA Ch, SBF, and Arena ROM Offspring
King Fritz
AQHA H-14/P-23.5,AQHA Champion,ROM Cutting, NRCHA Hall of Fame, NCHA LTE $81,100% Foundation, Superior Performance Offspring
Sutherland's Miss
Dam of 3 AQHA Champions
Miss Rusty Imp
Producer of Bueno Chex Imp, 1986 World Champion Working Cowhorse, AQHA World Champion Senior Working Cowhorse, AQHA World Show 3rd place Senior Reining, Superior Reining, Superior Working Cowhorse, many other accomplishments.
Rusty Wentz
Atta 1 Paula
Im A Major Cougar Major Bonanza
AQHA Chmp, NCHA $165, Superior & ROM Perf, Superior Hlt, Sire of 15 World Chmp, NCHA & NRHA $ earners, AQHA Chmp Offspring
Coy's Bonanza
AQHA Chmp, Superior Hlt, Race ROM, Sire of 31 AQHA Chmp
Manana's Rose
AQHA Chmp, Superior Hlt, Perf ROM, Hlt Pt 61, Perf Pt 19.5
Judy Cougar Sabre Cat
Miss Judy Bounds
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