The Scent Of A Woman

January 7 1998   Quarter Horse   (3687340)   Sorrel   Mare   15.3    HYPP NH 



This great mare has 35 halter points. She won the Ontario Breeders Futurity all 4 years. Was high point Ontario mare as a 2 year old,3 year old and aged mare .2002 amateur Qualified aged mare world show,2001 amateur Halter Register of Merit,2001 open Halter Register of Merit. She has produced 5 halter point earners ,200 points. 2 amateur halter Register of Merits and 4 open halter Register of Merits. Her foals have been Grant Champions 82 times. I am very thankful to own such a great aged mare. She is bred to IJ King Bonanza for a 2019 foal.
Ima Tru Skip
Ima Cool Skip
Skipa Star
Susie Impressive
Trus Beauty
Tru One
H-16.0 P-5.0
Go Bar Beauty
H-10.0 P-68
Scotch For The Lady Scotch Bar Time Sonny Dee Bar
Chubby Time
H-17.0 P-47.0
Miss Betsys Cabin
Mr Cabin Bar
H-57.0 P-17.0
Betsy Cee
H-91.0 P-14.5


February 3 2012   Quarter Horse   (5439100)   Sorrel   Mare   15.1    HYPP NN 


With limited showing this fine halter mare has 9.5 points in halter. As a yearling she went Grand Reserve at her first show in Ohio. Also won the Ontario Breeders Futurity as a two year old. I am very lucky to own this fine young mare. She is bred to IJ King Bonanza for a 2019 foal.
Obviously Im Kiddin
Im Kiddin
Kid Clu
Conclusive Dream Conclusive
Sandy Clare
Kids Classical Lady
Kids Classic Style
Kid Clu
Tootsy Rolls Redford
Scotch For The Lady Scotch Bar Time
Miss Betsys Cabin

Hcf Chiconita Queen

2003   Quarterhorse   (4457515)   Bay   Mare   14.3 h   




Chiconita is an excellent producer. She has the bloodlines of Sonita's Last by Peppy San, Diane Kilebar by King Leo Bar, The Ole Man, and Two Eyed Jack.

Bred to IJ King Bonanza for a 2019 Foal.
Chickonita Champagnes Destiny
Sonita's Last
Diane Kilebar
Barannas Chickadee Chick Five
Ole Baranna
Jarvis Queen Jacks Hoodunit Two Eyed Jack
H-217.0 P-65.5
Hickory's Vanity
Angle King King Pone
Tarver's Angle

IJ Steeldust Ann

2005   Quarterhorse   (4721749)   Bay   Mare   15 h    NFQHA 93% 
Photo: April 19, 2012 IJ Steeldust Ann
Photo: April 19, 2012

Bred to IJ King Bonanza for a 2019 foal.
Steeldust Dollars Tee J Jacks Pep
Jackie Bee
Irvin's Peppy
Cloudy Memory Dollars Cloud
Foxy Skeet McCue
Imperial Annette Imperial Bar One
H-20.0 P-3.0
Imperial One
Miss Tammy Bar
SI: 85
Ann Clymer Fred B Clymer
H-4.0 P-101.0
Ann Fisher

Jaz Demi Miss

1995   Quarterhorse   (3446951)   Grullo   Mare   14.2    NFQHA 93% 

Aug. 2015Jaz Demi Miss
Aug. 2015

Demi is homozygous for the black gene. She is 32.81% Poco Bueno bred and 17.97% King bred. Bred to IJ King Bonanza for a 2018 foal. FOAL MAY 13 BLACK FILLY.
Little Steel Dust Poco King Tuck Poco Bueno
Lady Lllini
Pretty Sparkle Poco Light
Sparkle Buck
Poco Lufax Poco Chip Poco Bueno
Carrie D
Dixie Lufax Lord Fairfax
Taxi Buba Lu

Watch Bobbie Riker

2007   Quarterhorse   (4983682)   Sorrel   Mare    NFQHA 84% 
Photo: September 2, 2012 Watch Bobbie Riker
Photo: September 2, 2012


Bred to IJ King Bonanza for a 2018 foal. FOAL MAY 28 PALOMINO FILLY
Watch Joe Riker Watch Joe Dust
H-15.0 P-117.0
Watch Joe Jack
H-225.0 P-201.0
Dusty Judy
Tuff Jazmin Riker Barley Riker
H-47.0 P-35.5
Tuff Fox
Bobbie Bargain Mr Cryin Time Cryin Time
Bandaco Lady
Harla Bargain Three Bargains
SI: 95
Harla Rey

RJ Time To Run

2003   Quarter Horse   (4431539)   Gray   Mare   15.3   


RJ is a big strong mare , has a speed index of 86 . Double bred Dash for Cash , a grand daughter of First Down Dash top and Judge Cash bottom . 2005 racing register of merit,2004 racing challenge enrolled. Bred to IJ King Bonanza for a 2018 foal. FOAL MAY 21 RED DUN FILLY.
All American Royal First Down Dash Dash For Cash
First Prize Rose
Classic Canyon Dusty Canyon (TH)
Like Gandma
Time The Magic Judge Cash Dash For Cash
Mary Mito
Chart The Magic Check The Charts
Swiss Magic

Champagne Chic

May 14 2015   Quarter Horse   (5699223)   Red Dun   mare   
Sept 2 2015Champagne Chic
Sept 2 2015
Sept 15 2017Champagne Chic
Sept 15 2017
Sept. 15 2017Champagne Chic
Sept. 15 2017
this stunning red dun filly has large intelligent eyes and red flaxen mane and tale. Very refined head and neck, straight and correct,
IJ King Bonanza
Palomino 2005
Steeldust Dollars
Dun 1999
Tee J Jacks Pep
Red Roan 1981
Cloudy Memory
Buckskin 1993
Bonanza Sugar Breeze
Grullo 1999
Bavarian King Breeze
Dun 1994
Bogies Sugar Jinx
Sorrel !992
HCF Chiconita Queen
Bay 2003
Chestnut 1995
Champagnes Destiny
Sorrel 1983
Barannas Chickadee
Sorrel 1988
Jarvis Queen
Bay 1984
Jacks Hoodunit
Chestnut 1976
Angle King
Bay 1977

Leos Bar Cat MIss

May 10 2016   Quarter Horse   (5770879)   Brown   mare   

Sept 7 2017Leos Bar Cat MIss
Sept 7 2017

Ima Leo Bar Cat Betcha Hes Smart Chics In The Male
Betcha We Can Do It
Fintry Sugar Baretta Mr Sugar Bars Jr
Fintry Leorobin
Jaz Demi Miss Little Steel Dust Poco King Tuck
Pretty Sparkle
Poco Lufax Poco Chip
Dixie Lufax