Results are in and all our stallions are  N/N  on their AQHA 5 panel genetic disease panel

AW Blue Fire N Te

June 25 2014   AQHA   (5600711)   Blue Roan   Stallion   15   
AW Blue Fire N Te
~  INTRODUCING   ~    Our home bred and raised true blue roan junior stallion.  Both his parents were purchased years ago from Duncan MacMillian of Vermillion, Alberta a founding member of the Canadian Classic Breeders.  Many years have gone by waiting for a son of LBJ Sierras Blue Te worthy of being the last man standing at Old Baldy Ranch.  Ty as we call him, had a small group of 4 mares this spring and will be going into further training this fall.    Many thanks to:    Kyrstina Lynn Photography   for the wonderful pictures.
LBJ Sierras Blue Te Sierras Sonny Te Sierra Te
Sonnys Sizzling Te
LBJ Quincys Jewel Hummin Quincy
Sheza Crimson Sun
Magic Fire Ball DJM Dry Doc Zip Zippo Zippity
Majestic Red Lady Majestic Spinner
Hights Lady


1999   AQHA   (3840841)   Blue Roan   Stallion   16   

Bandit as he is affectionately known is a big gentle sweetheart.  And his babies are the same and what a talented bunch.  Their size and speed are making them standouts as heading horses winning many jackpots and we've also procduced some winning barrel racers.  He is crossing exceptionally well on our Hancock bred mares.  We are just starting to see what he can do with Matt's daughters and its all good.  As for getting that hard to make magic blue roan colour we are seeing more foaled each year and with some recent additions of well built blue mares we hope to see more in the future.  To quote Jack Longmuir AQHA Legacy Award winner, whose program I have long admired and had the honor of shaking his hand at his October 2010 Production Sale   "  Color has become a big part of my breeding program.  Color doesn't make a horse but it sure helps to sell it!  Blue roans have always been my favourite.  I've spent years studying bloodlines,crossing the blue gene horses trying to raise that true blue horse.  It's not easy!  Just when you think you know the combination out comes a sorrel!!  "  Jack Longmuir 2010 at 90 years.      AQHA GENETIC DISEASE PANEL  N/N

Sierras Sonny Te Sierra Te Te N' Te
Miss Snoflurry
Sonnys Sizzling Te Sonny Go Te
Sizzlin Sue Ellen
LBJ Quincys Jewel Hummin Quincy Blueboy Quincy
Merrily Hummin On
Sheza Crimson Sun Grab The Sun
Crimson Paddie

Jaz Poco Silverado

May 21 1997   AQHA / NFQH   (3601545)   Grullo   Stallion   14.3    SOLD
Jaz Poco Silverado
*****    REFERENCE SIRE    *****    Silverado has moved!!   Conrgratulations to Marty & Nicole Guggisberg of IRON MONEY FOUNDATION QUARTER HORSES   Fort St. John,  BC.    With slowling down our breeding program to only 5 - 7 mares a year it was time to let this magnificant animal, who has given us so many wonderful babies carry on with someone else.  When Nicole came mare shopping I knew I had found that special person to carry on the torch.  She is a kindred spirit shareing  the love and passion of foundation quarter horses and in particular this bloodline.  She is building an immaculate herd of broodmares, including Jaz GC Beauty NFQH 98%;   Jaz GC Harmony  NFQH 100%   and IJ Hollywood Creme NFQH 96%  Jaz Ranch bred on the top side.   The hard work of preserving these horses started by Brent Jensen & Gail Zscheile and Little Steel Dust at the Jaz Ranch shall continue
Little Steel Dust Poco King Tuck Poco Bueno
Lady Illini 25
Pretty Sparkle Poco Light
Sparkle Buck
Poco Miss Smokey King Poco Kandoo Enterprising King
Miss Poco Kandee
Pete's Sandy Toy Pete
Bonita Primera

Jaz Ziggy Steel Dust

April 29 2011   AQHA / NFQH   (5373439)   Grullo   Stallion   15 hh   
Jaz Ziggy Steel Dust
REFERENCE SIRE.......  ****    SOLD   ****    Handled and shown by Kayo Toews at the Beaverlodge Ranch Roping Competition and Ranch Horse Sale,  Ziggy has been gelded his last foal crop arrived spring 2015.  Thick stout and well boned with a very pretty head, shed outs to a more silver sheen.  He has had extensive groundwork with Christine Painter of Lazy P Equine Services and now under saddle with Kayo.  Double registered with AQHA and NFQH at 98%, Ziggy is your traditional old style bulldog quarter horse that National Foundation is aiming to preserve.  He has a willing attitude and quiet temperment and riding well.  Will have a solid 3 months under saddle by sale day, someone is going to get versitile partner...ranch work, heeling you decide.   **  Thank- you Marvin from Beaverlodge you got yourself a heck of a horse and I am so excited of your plans with Ziggy heeling and can't wait to see you down the road at future ropings.  **
Jaz Poco Bravo Poco Bueno Milgaro Poco Ojos Grande
Pcoc Valentine Ann
Bains Showdown Dun Poco Bain
Showdown Maria
Jaz SD Catalina RF Tee J Steel Dust Double D Tough Stuff
Jaz Able
Jaz Miss Charro Little Steel Dust
Smokey Music

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