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Coyote Acres Ranch (Patric & Lorri Lyster)
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Welcome to the Badlands Spring Select Sheep Sale!

Online Timed Auction on

DLMS Farmgate

May 31-June 1, 2024.

Thank-you to our existing customers, and we welcome new customers! 

Hosted by:

Coyote Acres & Sheep Trax

Patric & Lorri Lyster

Patric 780-614-0569     Lorri 403-741-8597 (use this number if texting)


First Knight/Rose Glen/Ashbacher

Darrel & Wendy Ashbacher

Home 403-884-2181     Darrel cell 403-860-6192



Welcome to the Badlands Spring Select Sheep Sale. 

This year's spring sale features:

Yearling rams (all breeds); May-born yearling ewes from Coyote Acres & Sheep Trax; possibly adding some fall-born, watch this space! (Fall-born Canadian Arcotts will sell in the August sale.)

Once again, we welcome back our guest Veteran Colony.

A word about reserves: we prefer to have the starting bid be our reserve. This way, there are no secrets. If the starting bid is $700, then that means if you bid, that animal will sell to the highest bidder.

We will be set up for cash, check, and e-transfer! Checks will be payable to Coyote Acres, e-transfers to with no security question required.

You can also contact us through our Facebook page.

*NOTE* Whether you are buying through an order buyer or online, please contact us for help arranging transport. or call/text 403-741-8597.

Though we have now opted out of doing a live sale, we appreciate the fact that many buyers prefer to see the animals before they buy, and are a little reluctant to purchase online just based on photos and videos.  If for any reason you cannot bid online, or if you prefer not to bid online, you will have the option to have someone else place your bids for you. We look forward to putting these sheep on display for anyone who wishes to view before they bid, so please don’t be afraid to call us and arrange a pre-sale visit! 

Consignors are also happy to keep their sheep home for buyers to pick up on-farm (please arrange pickup as quickly as possible after the sale). We will also hold animals until transport can be arranged. We will help with that any way we can, but please be aware that animals are left at the buyer's risk so if they will be left any length of time, you may wish to insure them!

**Please get in touch with Patric asap if you are any distance away. If there are enough sheep to make it feasible, we will look at a delivery run, and that takes time to prepare. It is a bit of a juggling act, but it can be done! We can potentially do a run to southern Alberta, northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, or even further afield if there are enough sheep to make it worthwhile. 

Video links take you to Youtube videos.

Breeds are alphabetical: Canadian Arcott, Hampshire, Horned Dorset, Polled Dorset, Shropshire, Suffolk. The lots start with registered ewes, followed by  rams.

LINK to the sale on DLMS: DLMS Farm Gate Timed Auctions


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