Here at Lukacs Performance Horses, we take particular pride in our broodmare band. We firmly believe that 60-80% of a foal's mental and physical characteristics are inhertited from it's dam. This means that great mares are paramount when planning a successful breeding program. When choosing our broodmares, we carefully consider their bloodlines, conformation, trainablity, athletic ability, and mental attitude. We enjoy riding horses that are sound, big hearted, smart, talented, pretty, and easy to work with, and through our breeding program we work hard to produce foals that reflect these qualities. Our goal is to create a horse that is willing to get the job done, no matter what that job may be. Our mares are all descended from great cutting/cowhorses and have produced foals who are successful in a wide array of careers from 4H, trail, and gymkhana to cutting, working cowhorse, and reining. This is a unique group of individuals, each with her own set of strengths and distinguishing characteristics. We hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as we have!

Out Of Champagne

2000   American Quarter Horse   (4057634)   Bay   Mare   

A quick, catty mare who produces foals that are smart and SUPER cowy!! Dam of Play Me Jose, 2008 CACHC Youth Champion.

Play Me Out

Freckles Playboy

Jewel's Leo Bars

Gay Jay

Doc's Quilchena

Doc Bar

May Cat II

Destinys Queen Bee

Champagnes Destiny

Sonitas Last

Diane Kilebar

Royal Docs Queen Bee

Docs Royal Lancer

King Bee's Dawn


Classy Little Boon

  AQHA   Sorrel   Mare   14.hh   


Jose Boon

Smokin Jose

My Boon Baroness

Pappy Doc

Doc O' Lena


Classy Little Ashley

Wild N Classy Sean

Classy Little Lena

Wildwood Peppy

Barrom O Lea

Mr Freckles O Lena

Alberta Bar Maid


Dual Over Me

March 12, 2010   AQHA   Sorrel   Mare   

Dual Rey

Dual Pep

Peppy San Badger

Miss Dual Doc

Nurse Rey

Wyoming Doc

Jay Moss


Smart Aristocrat

Smart Little Lena

Miss Quixote San

Slick Quick Cat

High Brow Cat

Sugar Tend


high power champagne

2009   AQHA   Red Roan   Mare   

high power pepto


peppy san badger

royal blue boon

clays little hickory

high brow hickory

clays little peppy

out of champagne

play me out

freckles playboy

doc's quilchena

destinys queen bee

champagnes destiny

royal docs queen bee


Josappy Princess

May 16, 2011   AQHA   Sorrel   Mare   


Jose Boon

Smokin Jose

My Boon Baroness

Pappy Doc

Doc O'lena


Princess Shanya

Prince Poco Pines

Heart Bar Feathers

Princes Prarie

Bobby Sox Kitty

Watch Joe Leo Bar

Garcia Kitty


LS Anita Candy Bar

August 20, 2012   AQHA   Sorrel   Mare   


Jose Boon

Smokin Jose

My Boon Baroness

Pappy Doc

Doc O'lena


Dollys Tina Lena


Peppys Doc

Pappy Doc

Docs Party Doll

Doc Bar Joe

Scout F Lady


skip boon skip

2015   AQHA   black   Mare   

pepto power boon

High power pepto


clays little hickory

wapdidy boon


peppys wapati

skippep lee olena

ebony startlight

skiphop de doc

redwillo mouse

mrs flit

el peppys hurt

wish fulfilled


Sophie got a gun

2011   AQHA   Chestnut   Mare   

sophisticated catt

high brow cat

high brow hickory

smart little kitty

shania cee

peppys boy 895

lynx melody



freckles playboy

miss silver pistol

cluck cluck

gallo del cielo

powdersugar playgirl