Welcome to Old Baldy Ranch!


Located near Dawson Creek, BC we have been committed to raising top quality foundation horses for over 20 years. Striving for excellent conformation, disposition and hopefully color, especially grullo and blue roan.  Introducing  AW BLUE FIRE N TE.   Check out our stallion section!  We are also on fb.

We love the Foundation Quarter Horse, a unique individual easily distinquished by its bulldog type appearance exhibiting a low centre of gravity ( length of legs not exceeding the depth of the heart girth ) exceptionally heavy muscling, powerful hindquarters, deep " V " between the forelegs, good bone and foot, a quiet trainable disposition and a high degree of intelligence and natural cow sense.

National Foundation Quarter Horse Association ( NFQHA ) has been a leader in preserving these exceptional horses. to qualify for NFQHA registry your horse must possess 80% Quarter Horse blood and the maximum allowable thoroughbred blood is 20%. NFQHA determines this by researching back 11 generations on each horse to determine eligiblity and foundation percentage level.

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