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Sabres Lil Sneak (by Playin In Lightnin out of Clever Little Lana x Smart Little Baggins) winner of the SCHA Stallion Incentive Fund owned by Bev Armb


Elaine Mahaney

Hi, My name is Elaine Mahaney and I live in Nova Scotia.I bought my horse from Glenn Pollock in P.E.I in March 2010.
I am still getting to know him but have learned very quickly he is very patient, a good athlete, kind and gentle and so laid back.
My first show I took him to was a Ultimate trail challenge and we came home with first place in novice. A lot of the challenges on the course I didn't even know if he had done it before but He stayed so calm and did everything I asked of him.
I have also started cattle sorting this winter and he seems to really enjoy it. I plan to try penning with him this summer and start him on barrels.
He is the kind of horse that would do anything you ask of him and has a huge heart. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my horse from your farm. He is a wonderful animal. Thank you.

Karen Schmidt - Milky

Hi Ellen and Greg,

Thought you might like to hear how Milky is doing. Things are going well. We rode Milky a couple of days after we had him home and let him get used to his new surroundings a little bit. He enjoys the spoiling he gets and we just love having him around. Marvin said he has never had a horse so easy to catch , halter, and handle. He puts him in the corral every night by just holding on to Milky with his hand. I am glad we decided to purchase this horse. Please keep us in mind for another horse. We are looking for another one like Milky - something the kids can use as well. Marvin has already indicated he would consider another one of your horses as he is impressed with the quality and disposition of your horses and we were all very impressed with your professionalism. Thanks for all you have done for us.

Karen Schmidt
(Marvin, Chris and Emily)

Jim Randall - Play Holly (Dusty)

Greg & Ellen

Just dropping a line as to the progress of Play Holly (Dusty) . If you made this cross before it is probably no secret that they are super quiet horses. I am simply amazed at the laid back take everything in stride attitude this colt has. Once I learned that the only pressure he needs to do anything (ANYTHING) is no pressure at all just a little guidance as to what I want.  When I introduced a bit he chewed about one minute, then it was as though he was born with one. He will hold his head down and just take the bit like an old broke horse. Today I saddled him he stood like a statue the first time I was very careful not to bump him with the off stirrup at all. cinched it and trotted him around the pen as easy as that. I unsaddled  and saddled him again this time I did it like he was an old broke horse stirrup and cinches sliding down him. Once again stood still. Line drove him a little got down the stop right left and back. He travels with head down and level as any one could ask for.  I truly believe I could just ride off with no problem. I have owned quite a few horses and never owned  one as easy going and accepting as this colt. Only one word comes to mind when I work with this colt that is amazing.

 Thanks for Selling Him To Me 

Jim Randall

American Quarter Horse Association article and video on Apache Blue Boy
(clicking this link will open the article in a new browser window)

Elli Meinert - Sabre Royal Pistol (Dodge)

Hello Sabre Ranch, My name is Elli Meinert. I live in Lac la Hache, British Columbia. i just wanted to let you know how super happy i am with my horse, Sabre Royal Pistol (Dodge), who was bred at the Sabre Ranch.  I bought Dodge from Randy Brodoway in 2006 as a 3 year old and since then I enjoy him so so much.  He is an outstanding athlete and has such a great mind. I truly love him.  I am showing him in reining and Working Cow Horse. He is very patient with me since i still have a lot of stuff to learn.  Carl Woods, a trainer from the Okanagan is my big help in making this awesome horse a success.  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my horse that is from your ranch.

Thank you so much for breeding such outstanding horses... Dodge is the love of my life!!!!


Susan Stirling - Sabres San Olena
My name is Susan Stirling and I am from Nova Scotia. I am just e-mailing you to tell you about a horse that came from your farm. I bought a horse from Bruce Trenholm, from Amherst. I should tell you alittle bit about myself. I broke my neck in a horse accident back in August of 06, I really shouldn't be here, but to be back on a horse is all thanks to you, a great horse and Bruce and Judy. I was thrown from a horse and broke my neck at the base of my skull. They call it the hangmens bone, because that is the bone you break when you get hung. I had a rough few months but I didn't have any paralizes, just alot of pain and still do. I wanted to get back riding but I couldn't afford to get hurt again. I talked to Bruce and Judy and they had a four year old that they said I should look at. I brought him down and got someone else to ride him until I could get on in December. It was one of the hardest things not to ride for five months. I bought a horse by the name of Sabres San Olena, Barn name is Hammer. I rode him all winter and he is a god scent. He has been so gentle to me and patient. We have made quite a connection and I don't know if I could have made it through the winter without him. That may sound funny but recovering from my injury and going thru a divorce at the sametime was not good. I cattle pen and this season I won two championships riding hammer. We showed in Western pleasure classes at Exhibitions and won several classes with 23 and 35 entries in them. We won two high point shows. I really just wanted to show my appreciation to you on your breeding program. This horse can pleasure class and then you put a cow in front of him and watch out. I am so pleased with my horse and wouldn't hesitate to promote your bloodlines. Alot of my friends have purchased some of your young fillies and colts out of Blue Boy Doc bloodline and Playn'lightn. If they have half the horse I have they will be pleased. Hammer seemed to know that I needed time to get back into it but now when I ask he can really turn it on. He has rocked me a few times in the saddle on a cow, But he just stoppes as if to say hey get back on you alright.
Sincerely, Susan Stirling.

Anna Love, Georgia
We took our Blue Boy stud to a show this weekend and won money in 2 cowhorse classes.  I tell you what ... he truly is the best horse I have ever owned! He has a better mind than any other horse I have seen!  You guys hit the nail on the head when you started that breeding program.  He is by far priceless to us!
Thanks again

Mike & Trish Porter, Nova Scotia - Sabres Getmygun
Well ...she is VERY laid back and I was going to ask you about her parents' to see if they were the same. She was the same with leading, just let her give into the pressure once when I pulled her to the side abit and I was able to walk her anywhere outside! I have yet to show her something more than once, and she is already onto it...I am extremely happy and I am still in shock I think.....!

We were concerned for a bit because she is sooooo laid back, you can do anything with her, took 3 minutes to show her to lead, nothing spooks her, Mike cleaned and rasped all four feet without a problem needled her, no reaction... Mike and Trish Porter, Nova Scotia

Gaylon Hayes
Hi, I'm Gaylon Hayes my wife and I are partners of John and Mike Row. I'm dropping you a note to let you know Blue did it again! He was the 2004 world champ in healing and 3rd in the heading. He was also the sire of a son who was 7th in the world in the healing. Congratulations to us all. Thank for the Great Horse, Gaylon

Dennis and Brenda Robbins, Alberta
Greg and Ellen,
What a pleasure to meet you both. It was a great weekend for us, eating at the lake, seeing all your beautiful horses, and watching Playin in Lightnin cut a cow.  No wonder my good friend recommended your horses because there was truck loads of beautiful babies left that sale. If Brenda hadn't come along and blown our whole budget on one horse I might have taken several of the colts your crew had broken out. I thought the horses were beautifully prepared for the sale.

I can't tell you how much getting this filly means to us both as she is a replica of the one Chunky Woodward gave me years ago. We enjoyed her every day of her life and I thought getting anything close to her was out of the question, but now I am not sure. We are going to see if we can get her trained by one of the better trainers. No matter who takes her we are going to do very well by her. Thanks so much for your hospitality. We hope this is the beginning of a friendship. Dennis and Brenda Robbins, Alberta

Dan and Lise Rankin, Ontario
Greg and Ellen,
First off, we would just love to thank you both very much for your hospitality and your kindness when we were at your fabulous ranch!  We can only brag about what a wonderful time we had. It was the best part of our trip.  You have a fantastic ranch! It is well organized, clean, with well kept horses,and most of all...very friendly! It is certainly something to be very proud of! Dan and Lise Rankin, Ontario

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