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Equine Assisted Learning (E.A.L.)

"Where the horses do the teaching"

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We Welcome this opportunity to introduce you to the Equine-Assisted Learning Center’s Certified BuildingBlock Program Series© specially designed to develop leadership skills in some, life-skills in those at-risk, and specific skills in participants with special needs in an effort to bring out the best in those that enter as participants of any age, skill level or profession.

What is EAL? Equine-Assisted Learning is an effective approach to human development through horsemanship. Participants engage in team emphasized exercises and find themselves learning valuable skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working through the dynamics of horses.  (Please CLICK HERE to watch a detailed slideshow presentation in a new browser window)

Equine-assisted learning is a powerful and effective approach that has an incredible impact on individuals and groups, families, corporate leaders, youth and adults. The focus of EAL is comprised of setting up activities involving horses which will require the individual or group to apply certain and specific skills. Non verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking and problem solving, leadership skills, taking responsibility, teamwork and relationships, confidence and attitude are several examples of the means utilized by this unique equine-assisted learning program.

If you are searching for innovative solutions to enhance your teams effectiveness? The Equine-Assisted Learning Centre offers this revolutionary leadership development program to help individuals learn useful and life-changing leadership skills . . . skills that have the ability influence the building of stronger businesses. Practice, assess, learn and develop a better understanding of your leadership skills by incorporating the wisdom of horses while helping your team effectively reach their goal.

The Equine-Assisted Learning Centre believes in taking pro-active measures and innovative strategies to better prepare the youth of today by empowering them with skills and support, to conquer the negative influences that surround them. It is the Equine Centre's goal to offer each participant the opportunity to work with, love, care for and learn from horses . . . a dream come true for most! The Equine-Assisted Learning Centre offers this unique program of helping kids before they find themselves in trouble.

This program is enhanced by life-skills lessons that focus on peer pressure, positive communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and other teen social needs. It also explores alternatives to participating in negative activities or behavior. Equine-assisted learning is a powerful, professional and effective approach, proven to have a positive impact on individuals of all ages. The goal of equine-assisted learning is to provide hope and healing to kids (and adults) that suffer from substance abuse, behavioural issues, attention deficit disorder, eating disorders, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, depression, anxiety and relationship problems.

• Meet The Team • E.A.L. Brochure • Testimonials • Articles & Readings • Photo Galleries • Links • Programming • Mailing List •

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