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Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation

Equine therapeutic care offers a natural drug-free solution to your horses total health. Along with your veterinarian this therapy can reduce pain, improve performance, movement and well being.  This therapy includes accupressure, massage therapy principals with a spinal manipulation technique.

Training in the following fields:

*** Canine Therapy is Available  ***
including:  alignment, massage, physiotherapy, Vortex Stimulation (circulation) therapy (Theraplate)

  •  Anatomy of the horse

  •  Correct movement in all gaits

  •  Conformation: correct and incorrect causing lameness and stress

  •  Lameness: overall view of general types encountered, lame and unnatural movement

  •  Horseshoeing overview: examining correct shoeing practices and those that may cause lamenesses

  •  Spinal manipulation: manouvering of the vertabrae and postioning of structure

  •  Saddle fitting and proper padding for English and Western Massage and acupressure, stress points and proper use of the hands

Practical experience- going on 10 years  of hands on experience!

Conditions that may indicate a need for equine therapy:

  •  back, neck, leg, or tail pain

  •  injuries caused from performance, slipping, falling , or training

  •  changes in behavior ex. bucking, irritability, balking, crossfiring

  •  refusal to perform certain maneuvers

  •  sensitivity to grooming, saddling, mounting etc.

Note: This type of therapy used to be considered "alternative" but now is considered an integral  part of keeping your equine athlete  in peak performance shape * keeping aged horses comfortable thus extending their using time * eliminating  behavior issues ( caused from discomfort) * making the training process easier on the horse and the trainer in some cases.


Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to experience many equine injuries whether caused from performance or accident. I have learnt that what works for one horse may not always work on another and there is sometimes no time factor on the recovery process. I am so happy to be able to offer complimentary services that have been proven to aid in getting your equine partner back in shape as soon as possible.

THE PERFORMANCE HORSE- it seems like every performance horse, especially the really good ones, at some time battle some type of injury. We need to get them back in shape as soon as possible. We also need to try and prevent these injuries. The therapies I offer work at preventing as well as healing the injured horse! As horse owners and trainers we spend a lot of money on these horses and a lot of working time. They are essentially our family so why not give them the best care we can give them.

Therapies offered on the Road- Equine Therapeutic Massage
Skeletal Re-alignment
Pre- Performance Massage and Stretching
Post- Performance Massage and Stretching
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Relaxation Massage

Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to have clients leave their horse for an extended length of time, whether it be because their schedule doesn't allow for treatments (ie, stretching), their boarding circumstance doesn't allow for extra care (ie. Controlled exercise), or the horse requires additional therapies. I am so excited to offer a facility where your horse can come “recuperate”!!

Therapies Offered at the Rehab Center- Equine Therapeutic Massage
Skeletal Re-alignment
Controlled Exercise
Daily Targeted Massage
Salt water soaks (legs)
Theraplate - Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation
Personalized Feed Programs
Bandaging / Wrapping
Corrective / Customized shoeing

Products Available- Omega Alpha Suppliments
Back On Track Products (can be purchased locally)

If your veterinarian has a rehab program they want to use after an injury we will work with them to set something up. Our goal is to give your horse the best care we can and get them back up to performing as they can.

Acknowledgement- Special THANK-YOU to Dr, Rebecca Gervin DMV for always answering my questions and giving her invaluable advice.

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