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Equine Assisted Learning (E.A.L.) - Training Programs

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We Welcome

the opportunity to introduce you to the Sabre Equine Learning Centre’s Certified BuildingBlockTM Learning Program Series©. This Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program series was originally designed to facilitate the building of personal development skills, while ‘using horse sense’. Essential skills are the fundamental skills that make it possible to learn all others. They are enabling skills that help people participate fully life. The effectiveness of the learning environment, the continuity of the service and the efficiency of the delivery method is why the Saskatchewan Horse Federation/Equine Canada nationally recognized and certified this unique and innovative BuildingBlockTM Equine-Assisted Learning Course©. Sabre Equine Learning Centre delivers this effective and engaging EAL BuildingBlockTM Learning Course©.

The exercises in the program aim to assist participants in identifying and evaluating and then enhancing or developing skills such as communication, thinking skills and working with others, group effectiveness; leadership and teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, creative thinking to name a few. These skills are further examined to identify and assess their effectiveness and gain insight and self-awareness in the successful and perhaps less successful applications. Following the exercises, the group re-gathers to discuss and explore their learning experience, building greater understanding and awareness by sharing the insights and seeking to bridge general information to their own lives. Through Equine-Assisted Learning we offer a non-direct, non-intrusive and engaging means to explore and develop participant’s essential life skills. We at Sabre would like to offer you services that could assist you in serving individual needs while promoting the goals of the organization or community in which the individual participates. Through exercises specialized to meet exact needs, Sabre Equine Learning Centre can help individuals and those around them reach these goals.

Sabre Equine Learning Centre’s team of experts facilitate customized experiential Equine (horse) Assisted Learning (EAL) programs to help you understand what lies at the heart of your life and your work and how that influences your decisions. Our objective is to bring horses and humans together to increase awareness, understanding, and empathy reaching toward developing essential life skills and leading to greater success in work and in life. Sabre’s programs provide participants with a wide range of opportunities, connecting people to their life; personal, social and professional through the natural gifts horses offer.

  • This is a Results oriented learning centre. Experiential learning/training offers a return-on-investment that facilitates new awareness’s and insights. Our two-legged facilitators create experiential learning environments that help people identify, distinguish and reflect on incongruence’s between intentions and behavior, thought and action, exploring the "should’s," "ought to's" and "need to's" that often stand in the way of making successful change. Together, through a collaborative approach we uncover the keys to building effective and efficient skills; your foundation for success whether in school, at work, happiness at home, and/or personal fulfilment.

Horses, our four-legged facilitators, assist people in learning the power of non-verbal communication, decision making assumptions, and interdependencies found in the systems in which we each live and function. By allowing humans to participate as part of their living system, horses offer an honest mirror for you to observe your choices, helping people polish interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, while increasing emotional and social intelligences.

Developing Life Skills Using “Horse Sense”

The single most asked question is, why are horses used? Horses are extremely sensitive to, and aware of their surroundings and quick to react. Their feedback is honest and instant. By including horses in specially designed educational experiences, equine-assisted specialists have greatly multiplied the participant’s rate of success to self discovery. How? Horses can magnify and mirror an individual’s problem immediately. Horses can’t over think a participant’s motive or manipulate their behavior. But by their intuitive nature and innate sensitivity, horses can provide the participant with a method of self-discovery which is effective and life-changing.

Each program is carefully crafted by identifying your desired outcomes and then building the learning experience(s) that create the space to meet those objectives. By incorporating research on learning, the human body and brain, experiential learning, and the horse/human connection we utilize unique exercises and program elements in a way that helps groups, teams, and individuals develop and evolve in positive ways, learning about:

  • Healthy relationships, appreciating one another
  • Overcoming limits to growth & barriers to change
  • Strengths, self-esteem & confidence
  • Problem solving & decision making skills
  • Collaboration & teamwork
  • Attitudes, moods, value of work & having fun
  • Job Task Planning and Organizing
  • Responsibility, accountability & appropriate assertiveness
  • Creativity, innovation, diversity, individuality
  • Transformational change and spiritual growth
  • Trust, respect, and integrity
  • Effective forms of communication
  • Leadership & the importance of hierarchy
  • Identifying Strengths’ Needs and Concerns and Resources

General Format:

What you want to achieve, the number of people and time available drive the format of your program. The optimum group size for facilitation ranges from 8 to 12 people, but we can take on any number. We work with larger groups by dividing them and rotating through the exercises or by adding more facilitator teams. If you can see and imagine what you want, we can help you achieve that idea.  Please remember the program designs, workshops and seminars are all extremely flexible and constructed around your personal needs and concerns, the formats are only given as guidelines of possible training, workshops and seminars we offer.


Depending upon variables including season, days of activities, number of participants and desired outcomes, cost generally begins at $50.00 per participant per session/exercise (approximately one hour).

Whether your goal is to increase understanding in your staff of their value in your organization, or awareness and mindfulness in a team who is challenged by a changing work environment, or assisting a classroom or individual students in realizing their capabilities and strengths when confronted with difficulties and problems, Sabre Equine Learning Centre is here to assist you in learning and developing life skills to meet these needs and achieve these goals. The flexibility and adaptability of the Program Series allows the development of a personalized program which provides the participant(s) with individualized exercises over the number of weeks they require for the desired outcome discussed through collaboration between the participants and Sabre Equine Learning Centre. Equine-assisted programs have been proven successful, acknowledged by the Federal and Provincial Governments and cutting edge in their delivery attempts. Nowhere in the world has there been a certified equine-assisted program, unified to provide continuity in the training and delivery, until now.

Our Mission at Sabre Equine Learning Centre is to facilitate the learning and developing of core essential life skills for people of all ages and walks of life by creating the most effective environment which provides the opportunities for individuals to identify and address their strengths’ needs and concerns. Sabre is here to assist individuals in reconnecting to the core essential life skills of positive and productive relationships.

Please call if you have any further questions and remember, we are here to meet your needs in experiencing a method of self-discovery and a unique way of learning and developing essential life skills. Quite simply, equine-assisted learning works.

We are more than happy to also come to you to provide a presentation if you are interested in learning more about what Sabre Equine Learning Centre offers. As well we offer an invitation for you and other members of your organization to visit the facility and experience a demonstration. We have greatly appreciated your time in reviewing our services, thank you. Contact us to learn more about how we will work with you to create your customized learning/training program or if you are interested in attending a demonstration.

[Youth/Student] [Corporate/Business/Organizations] [Teachers] [Marital/Family] [Continuing Education] [Printable Forms] [Sponsor] [Feedback]

• Meet The Team • E.A.L. Brochure • Testimonials • Articles & Readings • Photo Galleries • Links • Programming • Mailing List •

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