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Equine Assisted Learning (E.A.L.) - Meet The Team

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Ellen Thompson-Frick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Senior Instructor and Lead Facilitator

Ellen has been passionate about horses her whole life. She started riding as a child and was involved in the 4-H youth program. As an adult she has shown horses competitively in many disciplines and was also a leader in the 4-H program for a number of years. Ellen was a certified western riding coach for over 10 years, instructing both youth and adults. and brings her professionalism and valuable acquired knowledge to the Sabre Equine Learning Centre. Ellen is a certified Equine Therapist specializing in alignment, accupressure and massage therapy for horses. Together with her partner, they own and have operated Sabre Quarter Horse Ranch, a breeding and training facility for registered quarter horses for 3 0 years. Ellen received her Level I Equine-Assisted Learning Certification through Cartier Equine Center in Prince Albert, SK.

Leanne Perrin-Bear, RSW , BSW . . . . Program Coordinator and Assistant Facilitator

Leanne is a registered social worker who has been involved in various positions with human services for the past 15 years, and a First Nation Lands Administrator for 11 of these years . Leanne brings her education and experience working with youth and adults including those with physical and mental challenges to the Sabre Equine Learning Centre.  Leanne lives with her husband and two children on the Chacachas First Nation north of Whitewood, SK. Leanne and her husband continue her familyís ranching lifestyle; she is the fourth generation involved with cattle and horses in southern Saskatchewan.  Leanne ís commitment to improving rural services and service delivery through innovative programs such as EAL has provided her an opportunity to be a large part of the development of the Sabre Equine Learning Centre ís programming. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Social Work.

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