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Equine Assisted Learning (E.A.L.) Training Programs
Continuing Education

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Leadership and Team Dynamics

Great for Professionals seeking Continuing Education Hours especially for any in Human Services fields such as Health and Education.  A common framework to think through business challenges and a common language to maximize the diversity of team talents. Participants become more aware of their strengths and where they have gaps in their essential skills such as communication and articulating their needs. You will develop your ability to flex your thinking energies to best match the requirements of each task you face.


•  Leadership awareness and insight designed to increase your effectiveness.
•  Gain further insight into your leadership qualities via a number of customized exercises.
•  Learn to utilize a variety of proven techniques to increase the speed at which you develop internal effectiveness.
•  Explore team brain power: Assess individual and team thinking styles to evaluate team strengths.
•  Don’t allow one individual’s limitations become the teams limitations.
•  Learn the qualities of high performing teams; it’s not who knows the most, but who can communicate efficiently.
•  Explore the dynamics of effective collaboration.
•  Learn and apply practical problem solving and decision making processes to real time business challenges.
•  Experience customized program content and scope to suit the specific objectives of you or your team and organization.

These can be provided as half, one or two day workshops looking similar to:

8:30 Registration & Sign-In
9:00 "How Do Horses Communicate Without Speaking"
    What is Equine Assisted Learning Demonstration
9:30 "Catch That Horse"
10:00 Break, Coffee and Refreshments
10:15 "Silent Communication"
12:00 Lunch Break
12:45 Equine Communication Recap
1:00 "Equine Billiards"
2:00 "Right Hand, Left Hand"
2:30 “Blindman’s Halter”
3:00 Debriefing & Wrap Up

Price:    $300/participant-Full Day (meal incl.)  

              $175/participant-Half Day (no meal-1 pm-4:30)

(it will be escalated and constructed to meet your exact needs)

OTHER BENEFITS: Each of these fun exercises, with the use of horses, help us develop: Communication Skills, Partnership Development, Team Building, Plan Formulation, Plan Implementation, Personal Awareness, Assertiveness Skills, Team Communication, Planning for Success, Problem Solving, Listening Skills.

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