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Equine Assisted Learning (E.A.L.) Training Programs

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“Business in the 21st century cannot afford to ignore the importance of communication”

“Horses are an ancient archetypal symbol representing dignity, honor, beauty, strength, power and endurance. Because of the horse's social, hierarchal nature, they engage immediately in the leadership conversation. They quickly reveal that leadership is earned by the presence we bring forward and share with others. Working with horses quickly deconstructs the 'one leader on top' theory and enters us into a new world where leadership is a changing and fluid process in which several leaders may comprise a team.”

Ariana Strozzi

You may have heard the saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. The same applies to an organization’s leadership. It is the fine art of communication that brings positive results. “A horse whisperer is a person who by training and intuition can communicate nonverbally with his or her equine counterpart.” “People Whisperers” like horse whisperers are able to provide an environment of trust, open communication and security so that each individual on their team can maximize their potential.

Horses will serve as the model employee. Or will they? Your horse will look to you for leadership, and that leadership is the key to success. Your horse will respond to your leadership style and provide you with honest feedback about your current leadership strengths and gaps. Your horse will encourage you to look inwards and find new ways of communicating with others. Your horse may be a willing performer or a resentful employee.

“Horses naturally train humans in the timeless principles of authenticity, intention, courage, intuition and focus.”

Throughout the day you will interact with the horse using many of the same skills necessary for your success in the business world. This is not like going on your typical trail ride at the local ranch! No previous riding experience is necessary and participants can elect not to ride a horse while still being able to fully participate in the team experience. Equine facilitators and assistants will actively support you throughout the day ensuring a safe learning environment.

“Horses look for leadership, and that leadership is the key to success.”

New Leadership and Team Dynamics; How important is understanding this challenge to your organization or company?

This is great for new executives, CEO’s, managers and their teams; can be done as a half, one or two day workshop, but depending on challenge and expectations further attendance over a period of a few months may see more efficient and effective results


Retaining your most Valuable Assets by Engaging your Employees and Fostering a Leadership Philosophy.

This is a great program designed for managers to improve performance results through training, coaching and facilitating the development of their own employees as self-managers. At the same time it allows management to take a closer look.  This program encourages individuals to maximize job performance, while enhancing personal and professional growth. It will help individuals become effective self managers of their careers, family, health and relationships.  These workshops are also great for succession planning as identifying leaders will result in a clearer idea of a succession plan by clarifying leadership strengths and concerns before they become an issue.  Possibilities for greater accuracy in talent identification of future management results from exercises which create challenges that may be found in the workplace.  As a team is able to work through the exercise while being observed creates the opportunity for all members of the team to display strengths and increase awareness of gaps.


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